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Get to Know a SOHO: HBH MotorWerks

Sean Hilty knows cars. Need an oil change? Radiator flush? Brake check? Sean’s your man. But when it comes to computers, he’s not quite so skilled. For the first fifteen years of business at HBH MotorWerks, his auto shop in Bartlett, Tennessee, Sean wrote out every invoice by hand, often staying up until 2 AM to finish them.

“I’m a chicken pecker when it comes to typing,” Sean told the Associated Press recently. “I thought it would take longer to type than it does to write down.”

But with some prodding from his kids, he got online and found his invoicing solution: PlanetSoho. With integrated contact management, automatic status tracking, and custom designs, the platform makes online invoicing so easy that even computer-phobes love it.
The move saved him time and earned him money. Sean went from spending an hour on each invoice to just five minutes. And the move resulted in an incredible increase in business; in just a year, he went from forty regular clients to 1,700. Sean explained that the new invoices look more professional, making people more likely to recommend him.

Thanks to all the new clients, Sean is planning to move his home-based business to a separate garage. And thanks to PlanetSoho, Sean is finally enjoying a full night’s sleep; nowadays, he gets to bed by midnight.

Read the entire AP interview with Sean Hilty here. And be sure to check out the AP-approved digital tookit for small businesses here.

Looking for a mechanic in Bartlett? Get in touch with Sean through the PlanetSoho Directory.


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