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What’s It Like to Be a SOHO?

A recent survey of PlanetSoho users revealed some interesting facts about the SOHO lifestyle—how you work, how you spend your free time, and how you enjoy family life. The survey was conducted from May 29 to June 13, 2013 and had 1,749 respondents. Three people were randomly chosen to win $100. Keep reading to see who won!

SOHOs generally wake up between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. (64.4 percent) and grab a cup of coffee (29.3 percent), tea (23.8% percent), or both (38.5 percent). While a lucky 3.2 percent of SOHOs get to work in their sweats, most of you opt for dress casual (37.0 percent) or jeans and a T-shirt (34.1 percent).

As hard as SOHOs work, you do find time for other interests. Fully 84 percent of respondents take at least one vacation per year. When you’re not working, you like to go out with friends (28.8 percent), clean the house (28.9 percent), plan new things to do with your business (33.8 percent), watch TV (36.4 percent), and spend time with family (43.2 percent).

Speaking of family, being a SOHO can really make family life better! Among people who have children, 45.9 percent said they spend more time with their children since becoming a SOHO, and and 47.3 percent said their time together was more relaxed and enjoyable. Another great benefit to becoming a SOHO? Health. Since becoming a SOHO, 53 percent of you feel healthier.

SOHOs are avid readers: Most of you read a local or national newspaper (73.5 percent), and 19.2 percent read news magazines. You’re also interested in trade magazines (19.7 percent), sports and fitness magazines (14.2 percent) and consumer-lifestyle magazines (11.9 percent).

On top of all this, SOHOs find time to stay connected, with 75.2 percent on Facebook, 42.7 percent on Google+, 29.7 percent on LinkedIn, and 26.6 percent on Twitter. Hey, did you know PlanetSoho is on all of those, too? Let’s connect!

Congrats to our three winners who were randomly chosen to receive $100! Be sure to check out their profile pages.

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