October 1, 2013

PlanetSoho Launches New Affiliates Program to Reward Online Partners

New marketing channels allow bloggers and webmasters to promote PlanetSoho’s suite of small business features, and get paid per impression

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-– PlanetSoho, the leading provider of easy to use online tools and services for small office/home office businesses (SOHOs), today announced the launch of its new affiliates program. The program allows SOHOs to promote PlanetSoho by hosting banner ads on their own sites, while receiving lucrative rewards for each impression.

The affiliates program offers freelance bloggers, small business owners, and PlanetSoho members an additional financial bonus while running their own businesses. In keeping with PlanetSoho’s easy-to-use platform, the new affiliates program is simple and free to join. It provides:

The affiliates program rewards online partners while giving PlanetSoho the opportunity to be promoted on an unlimited number of websites and blogs, bringing awareness to small business owners worldwide.

“The PlanetSoho affiliates program gives us a channel to help any small business looking for a new business partner. We already have more than 1 million SOHOs using our platform to run their businesses and now we can reach the millions of other small businesses who are looking for help to boost their finances,” says Ron Daniel, Founder and CEO of PlanetSoho. “It is just one more addition to our already established package of services to give any small business the tools they need to succeed.”

“It helps add traffic to my page!”

Donna Hogan, owner of Start from Scratch Marketing in Norwich, CT, became a PlanetSoho affiliate almost immediately. Working with other small businesses, Donna advises her clients to join PlanetSoho to help them with the daily tasks of managing a business. The banner ads make it easy to promote PlanetSoho to all who visit her site, while making it easy for her clients to join.

“Not only will the banner ads help for optimization reasons by adding more traffic to my website, but now I also have a quick and easy way to tell all my clients to join PlanetSoho,” says Donna Hogan. “My clients can click on the banner and it will take them straight to the sign up page on PlanetSoho—it’s that easy!”

PlanetSoho’s suite of cloud-based tools and services enables anyone to start their own microbusiness, no matter their previous business experience. Members enjoy a platform that can manage their home business from top to bottom for as little as $9.95 a month. Tools include a beautifully integrated online storefront, a unique URL and email address, invoicing, contact management, inventory tracking, as well as marketing, promotion, and SEO. A PlanetSoho team member is on hand round the clock to help any member in need.