September 27, 2012

Free Online Invoicing System from SohoOS Now Automates Business Management Process

SohoOS, the free online platform small-business management, recently released an upgraded invoicing process that automatically tracks the status of estimates and invoices.

SohoOS, the online business-management platform for small-office / home-office (SOHO) businesses, today announced a redesign of its free invoicing system that makes it even simpler for users to send, get approval for, and receive payment for online estimates and invoices. Now the status of estimates and invoices is updated automatically, so users are notified of the progress of every project—from lead to payment.

"Owners of SOHO businesses have to take care of a million things at once. They don't have time to keep track of every last invoice. Our improved invoicing system takes care of the tracking for you, so you can easily see the status of any estimate or invoice," explains SohoOS CEO Ron Daniel.

SohoOS users can now:

…all with just a few clicks. As each estimate or invoice moves through the business cycle, its status is automatically changed, and the user is notified.

The SohoOS platform is much more than just a free invoice template; it's a free roadmap of the entire invoicing journey.

"No more wondering whether your client has opened an estimate or paid an invoice. With the new SohoOS online invoicing process, you'll always know the status of all your business transactions," says Daniel.

Anyone looking to simplify the billing process is encouraged to watch the YouTube video walkthrough of the new online invoicing system.

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