March 5, 2013

PlanetSoho Introduces Off-the-Shelf Online Storefront

Soho Storefront provides a simple, quick and professional online outlet - built and pre-populated with users' items - that millions of home office businesses can use to promote and sell products and services.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PlanetSoho, the leading provider of easy-to-use online management tools and services for small office / home office businesses (SOHOs), today announced the launch of an integrated online storefront. The Soho Storefront allows anyone to set up a beautifully and professionally designed online business to start selling goods and services immediately.

The Soho Storefront rounds out the suite of cloud-based tools PlanetSoho already provides for SOHO business, allowing anyone to create an online store in just a few easy steps. Some benefits of Soho Storefront:

Designed specifically for the large-but-often-overlooked SOHO market - there are over 25 million SOHOs in the United States alone - Soho Storefront has a clean, intuitive interface and is affordable on a SOHO budget.

Katy Kassian, owner of Buffalo Gals Bakery & Country Store in Regan, North Dakota, recently created her own Soho Storefront to expand her biscotti-and-specialty-cookies business and to help streamline operations. Kassian started the business two years ago from her kitchen when requests for her grandmother’s 100-year-old cookie recipe increased.

“Since joining PlanetSoho, my business has grown 25%. I don’t just bake cookies now; I create goods from coffee and burlap bags. I live on a farm that’s 40 miles away from the closest city, so an online shop is exactly what I need in order to take my little operation to the next level. I was able to set up and link to my storefront in mere minutes,” said Kassian. “I can’t think of a better way to get the word out!”

“It’s the whole ‘just add water’ concept,” said Ron Daniel, founder and CEO of PlanetSoho. “We've already built and set up your online store for you - all you have to do is claim it and share the link with your contacts. Even if you've never sold online before, you can easily start selling through Soho Storefront.”

Members can get started for free, and they can upgrade to Soho VIP for as low as $4.95 a month for full access to Soho Storefront. Other Soho VIP features include easy group-email marketing, up to 10GB of cloud-storage space and 24/7 phone support. Soho VIP member benefits also include discounts from TurboTax, FedEx Office and Office Depot, as well as $100 worth of Google AdWords.

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